Book Review:  “Walking with God,” by John Eldredge

Book Review: “Walking with God,” by John Eldredge

A fascinating topic from the consistently-intriguing John Eldredge.  I recommend his insightful book, Walking with God.

Walking with God is a skill; a discipline that we learn and apply over time.  With this work, we follow Eldredge over the course of one year of his real life examples; his real-life walk with God.  How does God speak to us thru his creation?  How does his Spirit guide us in our lives?  How do we hear what God is telling us?  See and understand his will in (and for) our lives?  We can become more adept at this skill over time, the renewing discipline of walking with God.

The book is easy-to-read and insightful.  It reads more like a profoundly thoughtful journal with thematic elements connected to the main subject than Eldredge’s other books.  It’s effective.  Indeed, it may be most effective style to communicate “how to” walk with our God in one’s daily life.  There are a load of scriptural references, though I’m always a little more skeptical of The Message translation, with its heavy paraphrasing.  I prefer the accuracy of non-paraphrasing translations, such as the NKJV and the NIV.

You’ll enjoy this insightful book, Walking with God.

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