It takes a lot of faith to believe in Evolution… (“Young Earth” post 1 of 2)

It takes a lot of faith to believe in Evolution… (“Young Earth” post 1 of 2)

God created the heavens and the earth…”In the beginning.” His breath-taking creation sits right under our nose and some days, it sits largely unnoticed.

Evidences of a Creator are numerous. Each day, as we enter a New Year, let’s take a look at facts which confirm the creation of the world. There’s not much “scientific” about Big Bang and “old Earth” theories of origins.

Let’s review a few scientific observations that support the age of the Earth being a few thousand years old.

“After 3 billion years, we would expect to see 70x more salt in the ocean than we do today…If seawater originally contained no sodium (salt) and the sodium accumulated at today’s rates, then today’s ocean saltiness would be reached in only 42 million years—only about 1/70 [of] the three billion years evolutionists propose.”


Now a relatively “common phenomenon,” soft tissue, cells, and proteins are being found inside dinosaur bones. The first notable discovery was with T-Rex fossils from Montana in 2005. These materials simply couldn’t have survived for the 68 million years that “old Earth” scientists would have you to believe, casting doubt on the accuracy of current dating methods. “In fact, experimental decay studies actually give an upper survival limit for bone collagen at about one million years even under ideal conditions.”



Given the current rates of decay of the Earth’s magnetic field – which protects all life from radiation from the sun – the Earth could be no more than 20,000 years old. Since measurements began in the mid-19th century, the rate of decay stands at approximately 5% per century. Scientists propose different theories on the origin of the magnetic field.

Those who undertake their studies with “old” Earth assumptions, propose that the field is self-sustaining and that the decay rates are not exponential. This proposal is inconsistent with other scientific principles. Creation Scientists propose that the Earth’s magnetic field is sourced from electrical currents from the Earth’s core, a belief that is consistent with what is known about the core’s metallic materials.


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