Humble Service & The “Mind of Christ”

Humble Service & The “Mind of Christ”

Christians should have the same mind as Jesus Christ.  With that mindset comes both a wider context of spiritual knowledge and practical application for our daily lives.  Let’s review two passages from the letters of the Apostle Paul – 1 Corinthians and Philippians.

The spiritual knowledge of the “mind of Christ” instructs us in “the deep things of God.”  (1 Corinthians 2: 9-16)

As Christians, we have received the Spirit of God. (12)

That Spirit reveals God’s preparations for those who love him. (9)

That Spirit instructs us in the knowledge of “the deep things of God.” (10)

That Spirit teaches us, “comparing spiritual things with spiritual.” (13)

Spiritual things are foolishness to the world. (14)

The practical application of the “mind of Christ” leads us to service and obedience (Philippians 2: 5-11)

We are instructed to “let this mind be in you.” (5)

This like-mindedness assumes “the form of a bondservant.” (7)

It humbles itself, making itself “of no reputation.” (7-8)

It remains humble and becomes obedient – even to the point of death. (8)

Our spiritual knowledge provides the larger driving force and motivation to apply the daily lessons of humble servanthood.  As Christ’s disciples, let us strive to share his same loving attitude and spiritual mindset.

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