Cultural Bandwagons

Cultural Bandwagons

I’m frightened by the eagerness to jump on cultural bandwagons. They’re driven more by emotions, selfishness, and superficiality, and less by contemplation, altruism, and truthfulness. Don’t allow yourself to be boxed-in.

Some examples, you ask? Certainly…
Gun Control: My choice is not between the second amendment OR children being murdered.
Patriotism: My choice is not between respecting the star-spangled banner OR being a racist.
Feminism: My choice is not between wearing a pink, knit hat OR denying equal rights to over half the world’s population.
Transgenderism: My choice is not between supporting gender fluidity OR being a chauvinist bigot.
American History: My choice is not between tearing down Civil War statues OR being a white supremacist.
Illegal Immigration: My choice is not between open, untended borders OR hating all immigrants.

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Political dialogue benefits from the absence of a zero-sum mentality. Nuanced issues dwell on much higher levels than the dialogue of our social media networks, viral memes, and talk show narratives.

In a polarized climate, what is required of an informed American citizen is generous thoughtfulness, an intangible connection from where we came, and a love for others that is manifested in self-sacrifice.

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