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Book Review:  “Walking with God,” by John Eldredge

Book Review: “Walking with God,” by John Eldredge

A fascinating topic from the consistently-intriguing John Eldredge.  I recommend his insightful book, Walking with God. Walking with God is a skill; a discipline that we learn and apply over time.  With this work, we follow Eldredge over the course of one year of his real life examples; his real-life walk with God.  How does … Continue reading Book Review: “Walking with God,” by John Eldredge

Our Greatest Limitation

Our Greatest Limitation

Perhaps the greatest limitation of human potential = The fear of what people might think Are you limited by this fear?  Controlled by it?  So many are consumed by it, often unaware of its power. The opportunity cost is staggering.  Imagine society without this limitation.  Imagine your life without this limitation. For God has not … Continue reading Our Greatest Limitation