A Missionary’s Mission

A Missionary’s Mission

Book Review

To the Ends of the World by Chad & Amanda Garrett

Passion can be exhilirating.  Someone passionate about his work can drive success; extending his circle of influence beyond typical boundaries and defining new, atypical comfort zones.  As missionaries for the Lord, the passion behind the work of Chad and Amanda Garrett is clearly evidenced in To the Ends of the World.

To the Ends of the World serves two primary purposes:  1) Informing and equipping disciples for the work before us, particularly on foreign soil; and 2) Standing as a manual to prepare individuals for future mission trips overseas.

“‘But I ask, have they not heard?’ Indeed they have, for ‘Their voice has gone out to all the earth, and their words to the ends of the world.'” ~Romans 10:18

The authors effectively describe their work in Kenya, the Phillipines, and — and to a lesser extent — in our own backyards.  Like any endeavor, the Garrett’s passion is met with both headwinds and tailwinds.  Chad describes the challenges of the fundraising process, especially the time and resources consumed with traveling from congregation to congregation.  He details the advantages of the Pauline method of mission work, and of the benefits of clearly defined short- and long-term goalsetting.  Amanda describes the importance of family commitment, and impressively discusses specific biblical issues with marriage, parenting, and missions.

Current and future missionaries, and those accompanying them to mission fields, can benefit from this concise overview from these authors.  Their passion is clear in the writing and its driving their success in the Lord’s work, spreading the gospel to the ends of the world.

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