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Holes in the Formation

Holes in the Formation

An Army Ranger knows to show up at the “right place,” at the “right time,” and in the “right uniform.”  As a highly-trained elite warrior, he pays attention to the smallest details; each and every one of them.  Though he has executed hundreds of missions just like this one, he prepares still for the one … Continue reading Holes in the Formation

Everyone struggles.  Talk about it.

Everyone struggles. Talk about it.

We are all tempted.  Each and every one of us.  And we don’t talk about it enough. The lust of the flesh.  The lust of the eyes.  The pride of life.  We all struggle.  Every day.  (1 John 2:15-17) What do we do about it? Love God more than things in this world; temporary things … Continue reading Everyone struggles. Talk about it.