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Book Review:  “Beautiful Outlaw,” by John Eldredge

Book Review: “Beautiful Outlaw,” by John Eldredge

Remember reading a book and thinking, "I've never thought of it like that.  Amazing!"  Prepare for that kind of ride with John Eldredge's "Beautiful Outlaw." The gospel is "good news," providing a solution to our problem of sin.  The Son of God; come to this earth to live as one of us, without sin, and … Continue reading Book Review: “Beautiful Outlaw,” by John Eldredge

Deep-Rooted, Pervasive Integrity

Deep-Rooted, Pervasive Integrity

"We typically think of integrity as the ability to resist temptation by resolve.  And that's a good thing; self-discipline is a good thing.  But there is another level of integrity, the kind where you don't even want the seduction that is being presented to you.  Goodness runs so deep, so pervasive through your character and … Continue reading Deep-Rooted, Pervasive Integrity