A Toolbox: The Legacy of A Father

A Toolbox: The Legacy of A Father

What’s the finish line of being a father?

Let me tell you the idea I held in my mind for a long time. It was looking at each of my beautiful daughters walking across stage at their college graduations, a finished product – the output – of my parenting skills, for better or worse.

But that idea has shifted somewhat. No matter the timing or location of the finish line…I’m certain that I should rather be looking at what my children are carrying across it. Are they equipped? What’s in their tool bag?

We must ready our children for their journeys into this world and beyond. Fathers, your job is to load up your kid’s toolbox, and teach him or her what, when, how, and why to apply each tool in their lives.

The finish line? When I’m long gone, my beautiful girls will still be carrying my toolbox.

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