Review of “Traces of the Kingdom”

“Through the ages, Christianity has been a hijacked religion.” (pp. 625)

Traces of the Kingdom, Sisman

Using extensively-quoted primary sources, Keith Sisman traces the existence of the Kingdom of our Lord — his Church — through the Dark Ages in England.  I highly recommend this work, available on-line at

Christians are seen through the lens of the persecution of the Catholic and, later, Anglican Churches.  In an age when reading and writing was suppressed among common men, worship was in Latin, payments were made for indulgences, religious leaders were more politician than not, and iniquity flourished as much in religion as in the world, we see Biblical Christians holding firm to the banner of “solo scriptura.”  Scripture only.

We see tens of thousands tortured, excommunicated, and burned at the stake.  So many Christians, labeled heretics and murdered.

Heretics.  For not baptizing infants.

Heretics.  For not confessing sins to a priest — one man pretending to stand in between another and his God.

Heretics.  For reading the Bible.  For translating God’s word into English.

Read their stories…our story, just generations before us.

“The faith was once delivered (Jude 3); that means it cannot be added to, or taken away from.  From the pagans taking over of the apostate Christian religion which developed into the Roman Catholic Church, and later, into the Reformed Churches [denominations], we have Islam knocking at the door…

“Before, during, and after the Reformation, churches of Christ stood on the radical left.  Today such belief has a person labeled right wing Christian fundamental…

“Most, if not all of the innovations found in the denominations not only stem from Augustine, but also from the pagan system that existed in the first century — another Gospel.  When the Emperor Constantine legalised Christianity in 313, the path was set for a national church.  Infant baptism, altar worship, the choir, clergy (or separate priesthood), holy ground…and more all existed when Paul wrote…

“The faith we find today in the denominations is another faith, which is not the faith practised in the first century, the faith found in scripture and hence, not the faith of Christ.” (pp. 625-627)

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