“Well, I believe…” / Who cares?

Well, I believe…” How many times do you hear or read that? Frequently, I’m sure. Me too.

That phrase is used far too often within the Church.

“We can agree to disagree.” “We’re both entitled to our beliefs.” “Don’t want to offend.”

Nonsense! That’s all well and good if we’re talking about the best filet in town. But not if we’re talking about the truth!

Truth doesn’t exist because we believe in it. I can believe anything. That doesn’t make it true. “Well, I believe…” Who cares?

That doesn’t make it true.

Truth transcends political parties, policy debates, cults of personality, denomination…it’s bigger than you and me. Truth is permanent; existing beyond generations, indestructible, and not wanting of your or my approval.

Truth exists whether or not it’s shared thru a meme; whether or not we give a thumbs-up. By definition, it’s true whether we like it or not. The Truth is immutable (unchanging and unchangeable). It’s the same today as it has always been.

Seek it! Find it! …Not what you believe. THE truth.

Revelation 1:8.
Matthew 6:33.

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